Test Prep

Preparation for Standardized Tests

Global Academy helps to prepare for Standardized Tests. I.e. SAT, PSAT, DUKE TIP, School Subjects, CRCT/ITBS etc. We provide exam preparation help for all Standardized Exams. Our tutors are well experienced to provide help to prepare for students. They are well aware about the syllabus of all standardized exams like SAT, PSAT, ACT, DUKE TIP, School Subjects, CRCT/ITBS etc. We provide Exam preparation service per hours basis and have pre defined package as well. You can schedule classes according to your convenience. We are available to help students. Students are supposed to send their schedule for one week in advance and if want to cancel any class need to inform 7 days in advance. If students are preparing for exams and looking for study material, they can contact to get study material according to their requirements.

SAT Subject Tests

Each year, Global Math Academy helps students master the SAT subject tests. In tutoring sessions, our expert tutors will help your child reach their maximum possible score by teaching them the challenging content needed to excel on the exam, as well as test taking strategies.

SAT Subject Tests Overview

SAT Subject Tests are required or recommended for admissions into many selective colleges. These exams test a student’s knowledge of a specific subject area. Here’s what you need to know:

  • There are tests available in literature, math, biology, physics, chemistry, US history, world history, Spanish, French, German, Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
  • Most students take two or three subject tests.
  • Each subject test is multiple choice, an hour long, and scored on a scale of 800. Most schools are looking for a score of 700 or above.
  • Subject tests are offered every date the SAT is offered, except the March date. Students can take up to three tests on a single test date.

Our Approach

Our SAT Subject Test tutors are experts in their subject areas, and can effectively break down the challenging content on these exams for students. They use best approach to test prep, going beyond teaching just content! Strategies for test taking, timing, and test anxiety are also introduced as needed.

Our tutoring is fully customized for your child. Some students only need a handful of sessions to brush up on specific content, while other students need a significant amount of tutoring to reach their goal score.

ACT Tutoring

Stressed about the ACT? No need to be! Global Math School has helped thousands of students prepare for the ACT through our tutoring. With an average increase of 5.5 points, our students have gained admission to their top-choice schools, earned scholarships, and increased their overall academic skills.

Our Approach

Over the years, we’ve met with so many students who are intimidated by the ACT, but there’s no need to be! At Global Math Academy, we aim to take the mystery out of the test so the student can reach their full potential. To achieve this, we address four core competencies in our ACT tutoring: test taking strategies, academic skills, test anxiety, and timing. A deficiency in any of these areas can lead to a score that doesn’t reflect the student’s ability. For example, a student may have their math strategies and skills down pat, but have anxiety or timing issues derail their performance on the test.

An added bonus: addressing these four competencies through ACT tutoring has a direct impact on a student’s work in their academic classes. Typically, students don’t experience academic challenges in isolation – for example, if a student is a poor test taker in school due to lack of test taking strategies, that is directly reflected on the ACT. Addressing these competencies through ACT tutoring gives students the tools they need to succeed in their academic classes as well.

ACT Test Sections

We extend this approach to our work on each section of the ACT:

  • English: In this section, we emphasize practical and easy to understand strategies for punctuation, agreement, word choice, and more!
  • Math: We take a highly customized approach to the math section, focusing on the algebra, geometry, and trigonometry skills that your child struggles with the most. We use a combination of ACT materials and our math looping technique to achieve that customization.
  • Reading: On the reading section, our ACT tutors teach a combination of active reading comprehension strategies, question answering strategies, and timing strategies.
  • Science: We take a hands-on approach to this tough section! Our ACT tutors teach students how to analyze scientific data, dissect charts and graphs, and evaluate scientific reasoning.
  • Writing: In this optional section, we focus on the writing and analytical skills needed to successfully address the prompt and write a sophisticated, well-crafted essay.

Have more questions? Our directors will be happy to help!

High School Entrance Tests

We help students lay a strong foundation of test-taking skills that will help them get into competitive high schools. Our high school entrance test tutoring is comprehensive and customized to each student with an in-depth focus on:

Assignment Help, Homework Help

Global Academy provides assignment help for all academic subjects from grade 4 to 12. Assignment help is available during their regular schedule class. Our assignment tutors are highly experiences and have solved more than thousand assignments for all levels. Student can get SAT assignment help, PAST assignment help, DUKE TIP assignment help, School Subjects assignment help, CRCT/ITBS assignment help.