We help students reach their goals

Our customized tutoring helps students master material and gain confidence
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Students learn to work smarter, not harder

Our executive functioning tutoring helps your child tackle schoolwork more efficiently and effectively
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We'll help your child get their best score

On average, our students achieve a 5-point increase on the ACT
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Our ACT students improve by an average of 5.5 points.

High School Entrance Tests

95% of our HSPT, SSAT & CPS students are accepted into one of their top-choice schools.

Academic Tutoring

Our students earn higher grades and gain confidence in their classes!

Why Global Math Academy?

At Global Math Academy, We Believe in “A total solution for all your educational needs”

At Global Academy we believe all students can succeed with the appropriate
help and guidance. Our mission is to help students reach their full potential. We achieve this by providing high quality and cost effective tutoring services. Via state of the art web technology, we are Raising the Bar for Global Education

Our Curriculum

At Global Academy, our curriculum content is based on the school curriculum. Our first goal is to improve performance of the student. We recommend that student bring their school textbook and other study resources given by their school teacher, so that we will try to fill out any deficiency (If any). The students are monitored by the tutors, and academic directors. Parents can post regular progress reports on our website and our tutors are going to work to improve student’s performance.

By leveraging the power of the internet, we connect highly qualified tutors and students around the globe.

An initial assessment test determines the beginning tutoring level, and identifies student’s strengths and improvement areas

We guarantee students will improve one letter grade if they complete each session of the tutor.


Excellent initial impressions, my daughter really enjoyed and felt satisfied with her first lesson with Sai. Having spoken to other parents who have mentioned their children are progressing well with tutoring, which is very encouraging!


Managed by lovely friendly people, excellent tutors, professional and effective, Great facilities at Norcross, thank you, highly recommended.



Improving Performance Of The Student